Léa Rolland et Redouan Chetuan
are graphic designers specialized in typography, who studied at École Estienne (Paris), Tetouan Institute of Fine Arts (Morroco), and the Atelier National de Recherche Typographique (ANRT) Nancy, France.

is an adventure that started in 2018, from the will to start common projects after several years of free-lance work. Radio produces unique and tailor-made shapes, particularly for multilingual projects: arabic, french, english, tifinagh.

Our work
is focused on typography in all its forms: typeface design, edition, poster, logotype, calligraphy, visual identity.
It can be applied to any medium that can welcome a visual message: screens, public spaces, packaging…
We especially like to work with printed objects.

We like to talk about projects and meet new people.

Call us! +33 6 62 49 92 48,
email radio@radiographique.com